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Dwingeloo-live expands

Submitter: Roy Smits
Description: Despite its respectable age, the Dwingeloo Telescope still looks impressive and is still very much alive!

Several years ago, we started an outreach project named Dwingeloo-live, where high-school students could come to ASTRON and use the Dwingeloo telescope themselves to take data from a bright pulsar, similar to Pulse@Parkes http://outreach.atnf.csiro.au/education/pulseatparkes ). We set up a website that allows the students to analyze the pulsar data and to find the period and dispersion measure http://www.astron.nl/onderwijs ).

Now we have expanded Dingeloo-live to find out if students from a Technasium http://www.technasium.nl ) can use Dwingeloo-live to find the pulsar's period derivative and look for time-variations in the dispersion measure.

The first group, from CSG Bogerman in Sneek, has visited ASTRON on a nice spring day for a meet and greet with the telescope. They will start working on recorded data until the recently refurbished telescope is in full operation again.
Copyright: Alec Meijerink (CSG Bogerman)
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