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Behold, the first EVN Uniboard Fringes!

Submitter: Harro Verkouter
Description: Last Friday, scan 11 of the L-band NME N11L4 was correlated on the UniBoard EVN correlator.

A single 8 MHz subband from three stations was processed, with an integration time of 0.25 s and a frequency resolution of 1024 spectral channels across the band.

The plot, amplitude versus lags, shows two cross- and two auto correlations. The cross correlation fringes are not centered because of uncorrected clock offsets, however, they appear at exactly the predicted positions, as determined by running the JIVE SFXC software correlator as reference.

Fringes were stable throughout the ~10 minutes worth of data, proving the functionality of the delay correction and phase model.

This is a very important milestone in the development of the UniBoard next generation EVN correlator. Although some bug fixing will undoubtebly still be needed, we are now moving towards the actual commissioning phase.

The photo shows the happy JIVE UniBoard team, in front of the (new) correlator. Note that the two UniBoards currently installed will have four times more processing power than the entire MarkIV hardware correlator, at 20 times lower power consumption.

The team, from left to right: Harro Verkouter, Sergei Pogrebenko, Jonathan Hargreaves, Salvatore Pirruccio, Arpad Szomoru and Des Small.
Copyright: JIVE UniBoard team
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