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ASTRON Newsletter Summer 2013 is out

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: The new Summer 2013 edition of the ASTRON News is out. It has been a challenge to fit in all the exciting things that have happened at ASTRON over the past months, so we hope you enjoy reading the newsletter in the summer sun!

In this edition you will find many in-depth science articles, ranging from updates on the Apertif receivers for the Westerbork telescope and the LOFAR Multi-frequency Snapshot Sky Survey, to new discoveries of dark galaxies and monster outflows from black holes.

ASTRON engineers report on the DOME project, the Big Data project with IBM, and on techniques that use liquid cooling to improve signal processing in astronomical applications, as well as green computing.

Two ASTRON astronomers recently received grants to turn Westerbork's Apertif receivers and the LOFAR telescope into high speed radio cameras. Joeri van Leeuwen reports on the grant awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific research (NWO) for the Apertif upgrade and Jason Hessels tells us about his Vidi award, also from NWO, that will enable LOFAR to detect celestial objects that only appear for a blink of an eye.

Read about this and more in the ASTRON News summer edition!


Femke Boekhorst, John McKean, Stefan Wijnholds, Raffaella Morganti, Mike Garrett
Copyright: ASTRON
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