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2013 Mountainbike afternoon

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: On the lovely afternoon of Tuesday July 2, a somewhat rowdy but prepared-looking group of 32 ASTRON/JIVErs got together for the 2013 mountainbike outing. After fitting the rental bikes, these cyclists easily traversed the unpaved sandy terrain near the new building to get together for a group picture, while there was still little mud on everyone. We then split into three groups of varying speed, to tour the trails around the ASTRON building.

The ages ranged from <25 to >65, and the experience from looking for fun, to sporty and seasoned. The latter got a taste of some of the off-track GPS trails that Eric had previously put together. After a break a little over half way, near Hotel Spier, the second half of the course sported a steep climb onto the new bank of the A28. Then past some nice, sandy, zigzagging forest single-track back to Astron, where the PV had prepared a spread of healthy drinks and snacks, that went down well after the warm afternoon.

Thanks Alex B., Eric K. and Marja C. for co-organising.
Copyright: MC/EK/AB/JvL
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