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Educational visit: students from the Electrical Engineering faculty of the Technical University of Eindhoven

Submitter: Monique Ankona
Description: On June the 7th, a group of students from the electrical engineering faculty of the Technical University of Eindhoven visited the Westerbork telescopes and ASTRON.

The group was welcomed and started off with a tour at the old control room and the impressive radiotelescopes at Westerbork.

Then there was a tour at ASTRON. The students were informed about JIVE and NOVA and they had the opportunity to see the R & D labs and the control room. There were also models of the new generation of radio telescopes, such as LOFAR (designed and developed by ASTRON) and SKA in which ASTRON plays one of the leading roles.

As an unexpected extra we also visited the old Dwingeloo telescope next door, responsible for the discovery of two galaxies.

See also: http://odin.ele.tue.nl/news/report-astron-excursion/#more-507

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