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The LOFAR Expedition has kicked off!

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: On Thursday 25 July late at night, the first try-out of the theater production 'The LOFAR Expedition' kicked off. From 25 July to 25 August, the theater group 'the PeerGroup' plays 'the LOFAR Expedition', a cosmic journey into the unknown, with astronaut/ comedian Vincent Bijlo as your professional guide.The performance is played in the core of the LOFAR telescope and in the surrounding nature area of foundation 'Het Drentse Lanschap', between the villages of Exloo and Buinen.

The night started off with some heavy rain and thunder storms, which unfortunately caused a 1-hour delay. However, after the rain stopped, visitors enjoyed a fun and humourous show led by Vincent Bijlo and his 'students'. His ability to relate cosmic events to aspects in everyday life, makes the LOFAR Expedition an interesting, fun and fascinating experience. Accompanied by a live band, made up of the PeerGroup members themselves, a light show and numerous cosmic 'props', visitors were hopefully left in awe of the universe and everything that surrounds them.

LOFAR stands for Low Frequency Array and is a network of thousands of sensitive sensors spread over the northeastern parts of the Netherlands and in Germany, England, Sweden and France. One of the main projects for which scientists use the LOFAR telescope is to map the very beginning of the universe, when the first stars and galaxies were formed.

In 'the LOFAR Expedition', we travel to the origins of our universe. Vincent Bijlo thinks he has found the fastest route to the Big Bang. On the way, he makes many exciting cosmic adventures that will shed new light on our existence.

With a lot of music, humour and fantasy, the PeerGroup brings the seemingly infinte universe closer. Black holes, curved spaces and supernovas:everything becomes clear. In over an hour we travel lightyears back and who knows, maybe we'll even hear the Big Bang....


Performance dates:

Thursday 25 - Sunday 28 July at 8.30 pm (try-out)
Thursday 1 August - 8.30 pm (try-out)
Friday 2 August - 8.30 pm Première
Sat 3 & Sun 4 August - 8.30 pm
Thurs 8 - Sun 11 August - 8.30 pm
Thurs 15 - Sun 18 August - 8.30 pm
Thurs 22 - Sun 25 August - 8.30 pm

More information and tickets: http://www.peergroup.nl/projecten/de-lofar-expeditie/

Location: LOFAR base, Exloërweg 13, Buinen (Gemeente Borger-Odoorn).
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