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High Fidelity pays off!

Submitter: A. van Ardenne
Description: Last month, Parisa Noorishad successfully defended her thesis at Groningen University proudly watched by promotores Prof. Thijs van der Hulst and Prof. Arnold van Ardenne.

Called "Optimization for High Fidelity Imaging with Aperture Array Telescopes", the thesis addressed some key and fundamental issues relevant for the success of aperture arrays. She presented a fresh look on (limits of) redundancy in aperture arrays like LOFAR and activities toward their use in the SKA, suggested solutions of constrained self-calibration and optimal modelling for extended sources aiming to improve to high fidelity imaging. This is very relevant as the wide field potential of these arrays and the inevitable intense processing required, can only result in good imaging after fully understanding where we are in algorithmic speech, and what need to be done next and therefore the thesis is an excellent basis for further work. See http://irs.ub.rug.nl/ppn/358156297

Dr Noorishad is now working on processing software in the TARGET centre in Groningen tackling Big Data visualization issues. We wish her all the best in this emerging and also for radio astronomy, highly relevant field!
Copyright: Parisa Noorishad
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