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Young children obtain proof that the Earth is round !

Submitter: Nicolas Vilchez
Description: This year, ASTRON was a partner of the XXIII Fleurance astronomy festival in Gers (France), which also includes the VIII young Fleurance astronomy festival, Astro-Jeunes. Thanks to the efforts of the Radio Observatory it was possible to make a "live" observation with LOFAR.

During the week at the young festival, children of about 10 years old (helped by electronic engineers from IRAP, Astronomy laboratory in Toulouse) built a box that was then attached to a stratospheric balloon. It contained instruments to measure pressure, temperature and radiation as a function of altitude. We also installed a GoPro camera on the box, which sent down this image of the Earth from an altitude of 34 km, just before the balloon burst. As you see, the Earth is not flat.

In addition, during the week, we contacted the International Space Station (ISS) by radio, thanks to a collaboration between ESA and ARISS. Children were allowed to ask questions of French astronaut Luca Parmitano, who is currently aboard the ISS.
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