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Vivaldi at SKA Karoo site

Submitter: Pieter Benthem
Description: The picture above shows that Mid Frequency Aperture Array technology has reached the SKA Karoo site, in South Africa. During a recent visit, an ASTRON crew tested ground anchors and measured the RFI spectrum. The anchors held their ground, so we can now start shipping our environmental prototypes, which are described in the daily image of 17-06-2013

Besides testing several types of ground anchors, we also constructed a long-term anchor test setup at the site of the PAPER radio telescope. Parts of this telescope can be seen on the left, where its array is being doubled in size (to 128 antennas). In the background, the KAT7 dishes are basking in the sun. And, coincidentally, taking data for our own George Heald.
Copyright: Pieter Benthem
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