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LOFAR Open Day

Submitter: Femke Boekhorst
Description: The LOFAR Open Day took place on Saturday 5 October and was again a success. It was organized by ASTRON and the Discovery Truck of the University of Groningen. It attracted about 260 visitors, of whom approximately 130 children of the ages 4-12. This was a bit of a contrast with last year when about 800-1000 visitors found their way to the activities. Nevertheless, the fact that less people came gave ASTRON and RUG scientists the chance to engage in interesting conversations with the visitors, and to take the time to explain them about the wonders of the LOFAR telescope.

ASTRON scientists gave presentations in the high-tech Discovery Truck, with titles like "The Pulsar Mystery", "Looking under the hood of LOFAR" and "Looking back in time with LOFAR". Many visitors, including kids, clung to the lips of the presenters and demanded more, which resulted in a bonus presentation at the end of the day.

Besides this, there were tours to the LOFAR telescope, and many children's activities: making a water rocket and shooting it into the sky, soldering together a small light or a dice, and making exploded stars. The icing on the cake was a treasure hunt for kids. With a mysterious map they could find a treasure hidden somewhere on the premises.

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