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In Praise of (technical) Students

Submitter: Johan Pragt
Description: Students are a Good Thing: They study, develop, design, build, and finally test the facility you always wanted to have.

CRISP is a good example: Building a CRyostat In the SPectrometer. A unique facility wherewith one can test optical components like filters, dichroics and glass samples, in transmission and absorption, at cryogenic (~40 Kelvin) temperatures with high resolution, with a commercial spectrometer. The ultimate goal is to measure the refractive index of glass at cryo temperatures (it appears that only NASA has a comparable capability).

The latest student, Marielle Bekema (pictured above), finished the full assembly of the cold chamber, and she will soon run the first vacuum and cold test of the system. Last week, she graduated as a Bachelor at the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen with an excellent score of 8.4 (out of 10) CONGRATULATIONS!!

Other students that worked on this project were (in chronological order): Jarg Beecken (physicist) measurement principles; Tessel van der Laan (physicist, RUG) mathematics and measurement principle; Marco Wubs (Stenden hogeschool, Emmen) Mechanical Design; Jolienne Wijngaard (Hanzehogeschool) mechanical design; Floris Krol (Noorderpoort, Stadskanaal) mechanical production. All supported of course by the excellent and broad knowledge of the NOVA and ASTRON specialists.
Copyright: Marielle Bekema
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