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LOFAR Imaging Busy Week 19

Submitter: Annalisa Bonafede and the Imaging Busy Week Team
Description: The 19th LOFAR imaging Busy Week took place from 7 to 11 October in Hamburg, hosted by the University and by the Observatory of Hamburg. People from several different European institutions met together with ASTRON developers and scientists to test new pieces of softwares recently implemented, or to be implemented, in the imaging pipeline. Commissioners were divided in four working groups:

  • The Lofar Solution Tool group has tested and further developed new python code to easily handle calibration tables.
  • The Smart Demixing group has tested the new demixing scheme, an algorithm that decides for each time-lot whether the bright A-team sources need to be demixed (subtracted), based on three crucial parameters. The new implementation has been validated, giving important feedback to the developers.
  • The ionospheric group has tested and modified the ionospheric fitting procedure on two new calibrators. The code has been improved, and good results have been obtained.
  • The self-calibration group has tested the self-cal loops on a recent HBA observation, tuning the parameters to improve the model step by step.

    The picture shows a significant plot or figure for each working group. In the background a picture of the city that hosted the meeting is shown.
  • Copyright: Annalisa Bonafede
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