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Space Invaders

Submitter: Madroon E.J.
Description: Ever since our Director received a prestigious award for leading the Search for Extra-Terrestial Intellingence (SETI), strange phaenomena have been sighted around Dwingeloo. Apart from the usual crop-circles, which seem to indicate a typically male inability to communicate, we have spotted these unnaturally large toadstools, vaguely reminiscent of the ones that were used by invading Martians in "War of the Worlds". The stool in the background is fully half a meter across. And the one in the foreground has by now snapped the barbed wire that restrained it.

Coincidence? I think not! Obviously, we are being monitored. And it stands to reason that those who are deemed most likely by whomever is out there, to catch a glimpse of whatever is out there, are watched more closely. In a way, this kind of attention is rather a compliment, really. Like being galactically twittered about. But perhaps it is time to contact Jody Foster. She will know what to do.
Copyright: JEN
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