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Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Today marks the official retirement of Ger de Bruyn. Of course that does not mean that anything will change, EoR-wise, apart from the fact that he now also has to administer his huge ERC grant.

All week, there has been a workshop in Groningen, attended by scientists from all over the world, who hoped for an "announcement". It is of course too early for that, since we have only processed 114 hours(*) of data as yet. But they were rewarded by a glimpse of the latest LOFAR images, and a thorough discussion of the promise they hold.

Today will be more of a family affair in Dwingeloo. Presentations will start at 10:00, and Ger will review the first 40 years of his career at 15:25. After that, we will all have some drinkies.

(*) A total of 600 hours of observations have been accumulated by now, thanks to prodigious efforts of the LOFAR operations team. The data have been taken on three carefully selected "EoR fields".
Copyright: Sarod Yatawatta
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