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Today's Colloquium: Early Science Results of the RadioAstron Space VLBI mission

Submitter: Yuri Kovalev
Description: Note the unusual day for this colloquium!

The 10-meter space radio telescope Spektr-R was successfully launched on July 18, 2011, and unfurled several days later. The space element of the ground-space VLB interferometer RadioAstron covers four frequency bands from 0.3 to 25 GHz and provides baselines up to 350,000 km. Fringes are found at all four bands of 92, 18, 6, and 1.3 cm. Resolutions as high as 27 microarcsec have been achieved so far. Science objectives and first results of the RadioAstron early science program will be presented including the detection of very high brightness temperatures of quasars and the detection of pulsars and masers at surprisingly large projected spacings giving new insight to the ISM structure. The RadioAstron open key science program will be discussed.
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