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The Radio Universe @ Ger's wavelength

Submitter: Vibor Jelic, Wim Brouw, Saleem Zaroubi and Raffaella Morganti
Description: This year marks the 65th birthday of Ger de Bruyn. He has been a prominent radio astronomer in the last few decades, in particular for ASTRON, and has been instrumental in the development of LOFAR. Although Ger will continue his career thanks to the ERC Advanced Grant he just received, this special birthday could not pass unnoticed!

To celebrate his scientific career and achievements, the University of Groningen and ASTRON organized an international conference: The Radio Universe @ Ger's wavelength¯ in Groningen (4-7 Nov 2013) and a one-day mini-symposium Gerfest¯ at ASTRON (8 Nov 2013).

The conference had a very busy programme, focusing on the many topics that have been (and still are!) the main scientific interests of Ger: the Epoch of Reionization, the Galactic and Extragalactic Foreground Emission, AGNs, giant (and double-double) radio galaxies, variability, radio surveys, as well as radio astronomy techniques like Faraday Rotation Measure Synthesis, calibration of radio interferometers, RFI mitigation and Radio Array design in general. In other words, more than enough to fill four days with a very interesting program.

The friday event was dedicated to the more technical part of Ger's work done in collaboration with people at ASTRON. A lot of memories went by but also a lot of plans for the future!

Ger closed the conference and the mini-symposium by summarizing the scientific questions addressed throughout the meeting and by giving his view on the future prospects. Slides of talks are available on the conference website: http://www.astron.nl/gerfeest
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