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Best paper award at ISC 2014

Submitter: Erik Vermij
Description: The International Supercomputing Conference (ICS) is Europe's biggest conference in the field of High Performance Computing. Over 2500 attendees from academia and industry traveled to Leipzig, Germany, to listen to interesting talks and make business.

This year, a team of DOME researchers from the Accelerators work-package took home the 'Gauss' best paper award, sponsored by the German Gauss Centre for Supercomputing. The awarded paper, Exascale radio astronomy: can we ride the technology wave?, discusses the feasibility of realizing the SKA with commercial off-the-shelf technology. It is authored by Erik Vermij (IBM Research), Leandro Fiorin (IBM Research), Christoph Hagleitner (IBM Research) and Koen Bertels (TU Delft).

The paper concludes that novel system designs as well as novel node/device designs are necessary to reach the performance and power efficiency goals off the SKA project. This is also a justification of the DOME project: in order to make the SKA a success, a significant research effort is needed.

The research paper track is only a small portion of this big conference. Other topics range from the Top 500 release (fastest supercomputers in the world) to very technical discussions about novel programming models (OpenMP 4.0, PGAS), and from real-life HPC applications (healthcare, oil and gas) to new product releases. Another key element of the conference is the large number of forums, where the brightest people from research and industry engage in an open discussion with the audience about hot topics in the field.

The picture shows the award ceremony. From left to right: Claus Axel Muller (GCS managing director), Koen Bertels, Leandro Fiorin, Erik Vermij, and Michael M. Resch (GCS chairman).
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