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Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren

Submitter: Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren
Description: Tonight at 21:25 (local time) the famous Westerbork Radio Telescope (WSRT) will shine in the Dutch TV show Heel Nederland Kijkt Sterren (All of the Netherlands watches the Stars) on NPO1. The show will be presented by Govert Schilling and Jeroen Latijnhouwers, who will switch between different locations.

Our very own Joeri van Leeuwen (top left image) will also strut his stuff. He will host a part of the show and will explain to people at home what we are doing at ASTRON, and what we can see in the sky.

On 21 November, Joeri also glittered in the show MAX TV wijzer. Don't forget to check out that episode too; you can watch it here: http://www.omroepmax.nl/televisie/alle-programmas/max-tv-wijzer/uitzending/tv/max-tv-wijzer-vrijdag-21-november-2014/

So, everybody tune in on NPO1 tonight at 21:25.
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