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We welcome the ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: It is with great pleasure that we welcome the launch of the ATNF Daily Astronomy Picture (ADAP): http://www.atnf.csiro.au/people/bkoribal/ATNF-DailyImage/index.html

We would of course like to flatter ourselves that our colleagues got the idea from our very own Astron/Jive Daily Image (AJDI), of which they might be keen followers(*). But since they seem to limit their scope to astronomy, it is more likely that they will model themselves after the NASA Astronomical Picture of the Day (APOD). That really is a tough act to follow.

In any case, our friends down under will perhaps permit us a few words of friendly advice. When we started the AJDI, eight years ago, people predicted that we wouldn't last 6 months. Indeed, it is not easy to extract so many pictures from the workforce, even though there are amply enough worthy things going on. For that and other reasons, the scope of our AJDI also embraces technical subjects, and more personal ones. In fact, the AJDI aspires to be the family chronicle of ASTRON and JIVE (and NOVA and DOME). And, within the bounds of management propriety, we try to radiate a little fun.

But even with this wider scope it requires editors that are posessed of a sustained irrational determination, bordering on love. We wish the ADAP a long life, and will keenly follow its adventures. It is definitely worth the trouble.

(*) Puzzlingly, the external AJDI fanclub is more devoted than the locals.
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