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AJDI of the Year (2014)

Submitter: AJDI editors
Description: During his truly inspirational New Year's Speech, ASTRON Director Mike Garrett paid handsome tribute to the ASTRON/JIVE Daily Image (AJDI). He did this by using many of the iconic images published in the past year. He even honoured us by selecting an Image of the Year 2014, which will of course be a tradition from now on.

Please refer to the original image for a brief explanation of its subject. It was probably selected because it most closely symbolizes the virile spirit of ASTRON, projecting itself around the globe.

As pointed out in a recent piece of subtle self-promotion, the AJDI endeavours to be the family chronicle of ASTRON and JIVE (and NOVA and DOME). We are very proud of the archive of images that we have collected over the last eight years. Like Mike, you may gainfully use this resource in your presentations. In the meantime, its emotional value can only increase with age (you'll see).

Our only regret is that we are still missing too many poignant items. To improve, we beseechingly rely on you, as AJDI benefactor and beneficiary, whether you are an employee or a friend. Remember, nous sommes tous AJDI!
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