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ASTRON Pulsar Group meetings

Submitter: Anne Archibald
Description: Dutch pulsar astronomers meet each Monday at ASTRON in the "Fishbowl" (and some join via Skype) to discuss the latest in the world of neutron stars and fast radio transients. The recent LOFAR Data School provided the opportunity to photograph nearly all of our pulsar astronomers together. In the picture are Jason Hessels (ASTRON/UvA), Charlotte Sobey (ASTRON), Roy Smits (ASTRON), Maura Pilia (ASTRON), Samayra Straal (UvA/ASTRON), Daniele Michilli (UvA/ASTRON), Amruta Jaodand (UvA/ASTRON), Gemma Janssen (ASTRON), Cees Bassa (ASTRON), Javier Moldon (ASTRON), Vlad Kondratiev (ASTRON), and Anne Archibald (ASTRON). Regularly participating, but missing in this picture, are Anya Bilous (Nijmegen), Alessandro Patruno (Leiden/ASTRON), Joeri van Leeuwen (ASTRON/UvA), Klim Mikhailov (UvA/ASTRON) and Adam Deller (ASTRON).

Our group studies pulsars from young to old, slow to fast, and from LOFAR frequencies up to high-energy gamma-rays. Recent results include: the discovery of correlated X-ray and radio mode-switching in pulsar B0943+10 (Hermsen et al. 2013, Science); a detailed study of PSR B0943+10's mode switching properties with LOFAR (Bilous et al. 2014, A&A); the discovery and modeling of the first pulsar stellar triple system (Ransom et al. 2014, Nature); LOFAR studies of the interstellar medium using cyclic spectroscopy (Archibald et al. 2014, ApJ); observations of state transitions in millisecond pulsar XSS J12270-4859 (Bassa et al. 2014, MNRAS) and PSR J1023+0038 (Patruno et al. 2014, ApJ); an overview of the mJIVE-20 survey with the VLBA (Deller et al. 2014, ApJ); and a continuous 24-hour campaign to assess precision timing of the millisecond pulsar J1713+0747 (Dolch et al. 2014).
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