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Today's colloquium: On the Propagation Effects in the Pulsar Magnetosphere

Submitter: Vasily Beskin (Lebedev Physical Institute & Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
In the talk, we firstly include into consideration the transition from geometrical optics to vacuum propagation, the cyclotron absorption, and the wave refraction simultaneously. In addition, non-dipole magnetic field configuration, drift motion of plasma particles, and their realistic energy distribution were taken into account. The one-to-one correspondence between the signs of circular polarization and position angle derivative for both ordinary and extraordinary waves is predicted.

It is shown that the p.a.curve could differ from the rotation vector model (RVM) prediction. We critically confront the theory with observational data on a large data sample and show that observations support the main prediction of propagation theory.
Copyright: V. Beskin, A. Philippov, M. Kramer, P. Jaroenjittichai
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