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Jan Idserda 40 years at Astron

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: Today, we celebrated the 40th work anniversary of Jan Idserda at Astron. After his education at the Leidse Instrumentmakersschool (LIS), Jan joined Astron on 1-1-1975. He has been involved in many innovations for radio astronomy since that time, including the Multi Frequency Front Ends, development of cryogenic equipment, Aperture Arrays and many more.

As the head of the workshop, he has over these years been responsible for the continuous innovation with respect to instruments, technologies, materials and processes. For that reason, we had cake with the image of Gyro Gearloose (Willie Wortel).

In his speech to Jan, Johan Pragt as head of the Mechanics group also mentioned the many apprentices that Jan has been coaching in his career. Many craftsman owe him for transferring his knowledge and enthusiasm. As a sign of our appreciation, Jan was awarded the title of "Master Craftsman".

Jan: congratulations with this anniversary, and we hope that the continuation of your career at Astron will be as inspiring as the previous 40 years!
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