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LOFAR data goes public

Submitter: Wilfred Frieswijk
Description: March 2, 2015 marks an important event on the LOFAR calendar. From that day onward, scientific data will be made publicly available through the LOFAR Long Term Archive (LTA).

The International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) operates a state of-the-art array of antenna stations in the Netherlands and other European countries at radio frequencies below 240 MHz, with advanced data processing equipment. Telescope time is available to the world-wide astronomical community through open calls for proposals that are announced every 6 months. Accepted proposals lead to assignments of specific time-limited proprietary data rights to carry out proposed science only. The data are placed in the LTA and remain the property of the ILT.

The table of contents of the LTA is fully public at any time. All data resulting from regular production observing cycles become fully public after the assigned proprietary period(s). Parallel data access rights for science unrelated to the original proposal(s) may be requested from the Director at any time.

The LTA is accessible through the following website:


Additional information on how to use the LTA can be found on the LOFAR wiki:

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