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Meetings are better when people stand up

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: It is well-known that meetings are shorter, and arguably more efficient, when people do not loll about in chairs(*). For one thing, it prevents them from fiddling with their little laptops, so they actually participate in the proceedings. For another, they are kept more alert by the blood that is pumped vigorously to the brain. But most of all, since there is no option to just sit it out, they are all keen for the meeting to reach its conclusion, and will actively work to facilitate that.

The LOFAR/WSRT operations group, under COO Roberto Pizzo (right) meets briefly every morning in the telescope control room in Dwingeloo. Continuing towards the left: Michiel Brentjens, Manu Orru, Jur Sluman, Luciano Cerrigone, Sander ter Veen, Pieter Donker and Teun Grit. Obviously, this is only a small Italian-Dutch subset of the proudly international team that makes these wonderful telescopes available to you, the user.

(*) The editorial staff of the prestigious French newspaper Le Monde used to meet standing up, until they went soft. Being mutiliated in the Resistance was the only acceptable excuse for sitting down, and only on tuesdays.
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