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Dwingeloo wildlife

Submitter: Tom Oosterloo/Cees Bassa
Description: Being located in a national park, Astron is surrounded by interesting wildlife. Right next to the Dwingeloo dish is a small wooded bank that is well known to be the location where many vipers (adders) choose to hide for the winter. One tradition is to try to spot the first adders waking up after a long winter of hibernation. This usually happens around the first week of March and if you pass the telescope in this period, you can often see people staring into the bush, trying to spot one. They are hard to see (there is one in the picture), but sometimes you can see several lying in the sun, warming up before going out to hunt for food.

Recently, a wolf was spotted very close to the WSRT. People did not go out to see that animal.
Copyright: Tom Oosterloo/Cees Bassa
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