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Mock-up boards for the Apertif correlator subrack

Submitter: Eric Kooistra
Description: "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is"(*). This is why Gijs, Sjouke and Sieds (left to right on the photo) make mock-up boards first, before ordering the actual printed circuit boards. This allows us to verify whether the boards will really fit together in the rack as specified.

The mock-up boards are made in-house by Albert van Duin. The photo shows one for the OEB (Optic to Electrical Board), the COBI (Correlator Backplane Interfaces) and the miniPAC (mini version of PAC Power and Clock distribution). The Apertif correlator will use these new boards in a subrack, together with 8 UniBoards and 1 PAC board. We already have the UniBoard and PAC boards because they are also used in the Apertif beamformer subrack.

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