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Phase solution of LOFAR LBA stations plotted with LoSoTo

Submitter: Francesco de Gasperin
Description: LOFAR-LBA phase solutions of 3C196 of a 6h observation obtained using LoSoTo (the LOFAR Solution Tool) referenced to CS001. Every panel is one station, on the X axis the observing time in hours, on the Y axis the observing frequency in MHz (22-70 MHz).

Ionosphere and clock drifts drive most of the variation, both these effects are time dependent. As a consequence remote stations, which have independent clocks and observe through a significantly different ionosphere, change phase faster then core stations.

The combined effect of clock and ionosphere is clearly marked also by the fast phase rotation of remote stations. For some of the remotest stations a ionospheric-induced frequency dependency of the phase solutions is also visible (e.g last panel). White patches are flags applied by LoSoTo using amplitude-only information (see subsequent daily image).

Copyright: Francesco de Gasperin
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