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Beating the Drum (literally!)

Submitter: Juergen Morawietz
Description: On April 11th, the ASTRON/JIVE PV organized a percussion workshop in led by Michiel Gerringa of "Muziekcentrum Westerveld" in Dieverbrug.

Such a percussion workshop is a nice team-building activity. Starting with no, or only rudimentary skills, you will discover new capabilities (and limitations) and you end up playing real music together with your colleagues.

In this case, in only a few hours, we learned the basics of reading musical notation for drums, djembe playing technique, and how to play some bars of music on a mallet instrument like the marimba or vibraphone. We ended up playing a complete pop song ("The Bongo Song" from Safri Duo ) together with the award-winning Dutch percussion ensemble 'Sla je Slag'.

It was a quite extensive and instructive but fun afternoon, with as highlight playing together with the "Sla je Slag" people on a professional stage.

Copyright: (c) MCV, J. Morawietz
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