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Fact Finding Mission

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: After the recent re-baselining exercise, the SKA Office now has the thankless job of adapting the first phase of the Square Km Array to a smaller financial envelope. Fortunately, at least for the low-frequency part, SKA can profit from the real-life experience of LOFAR. The latter is not only solving the kind of problems that SKA_low(*) will face, but it also went through its own painful re-scaling process in the past.

The picture shows Tim Cornwell and Mark Waterson of the SKA Office, being made welcome once again in Dwingeloo. They are engaged in a frank exchange of views with Ger de Bruyn (leader of the LOFAR EoR program), Michiel Brentjens (the man who understands LOFAR most intimately) and Jan Geralt bij de Vaate (head of the SKA Low Frequency Aperture Array consortium).

(*) Sometimes called LOFAR++. It is expected that, despite its smaller number of antennas, LOFAR will be the more mature instrument for some years, and thus continue to be a trail-blazer (and Northern Hemisphere complement) for SKA_low.
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