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Best Paper Award at the 2015 International Conference on Computing Frontiers

Submitter: Leandro Fiorin
Description: The ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers is a gathering for people to share and discuss a wide spectrum of advanced technologies and radically new solutions relevant to the development of the whole spectrum of computer systems, from embedded to high-performance computing.

In this year's edition, held in the island of Ischia, Italy, yet another team of DOME researchers received the Best Paper Award for their paper titled "An energy-efficient custom architecture for the SKA1-Low central signal processor". The paper, written by Leandro Fiorin, Erik Vermij, Jan Van Lunteren, Rik Jongerius, and Christoph Hagleitner, explores the design of a custom architecture for supporting the execution of the algorithms of the central signal processor of the SKA1-Low. By taking advantage of emerging 3D-stacked-memory devices and by exploring the design space for a 14-nm implementation, the work estimates a power consumption of 14.4 W for processing all channels of a sub-band and an energy efficiency at application level of up to 208 GFLOPS/W for the proposed architecture.

Two other DOME papers were also presented at the conference: "An Instrumentation Approach for Hardware-Agnostic Software Characterization" by Andreea Anghel, Laura Mihaela Vasilescu, Rik Jongerius, Gero Dittmann and Giovanni Mariani, and "Scaling Application Properties to Exascale" by Giovanni Mariani, Andreea Anghel, Rik Jongerius, and Gero Dittmann.

The three works presented at the conference raised amongst the Computing Frontiers research community a significant interest towards the SKA and the DOME projects and the challenges waiting ahead in the path to the construction of the radio-telescope.

On the picture, a few highlights of the conference (left to right, top to bottom): networking before the social event, seafood starter, the welcome reception buffet, enjoying the social event dinner. On the background image, Ischia's Aragonese Castle.
Copyright: Leandro Fiorin
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