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Afscheid Henny van Haarst

Submitter: Frits Moller, Jan Noordam
Description: Today we say goodbye to Henny van Haarst, who is retiring after having worked for ASTRON for 15 years. Technically, she was employed by a series of cleaning contractors (Hazenberg, Asito, ISS, Asito again and now Visschedijk), but in practice she was very much part of the ASTRON/JIVE/NOVA/DOME family. She knows more of us by name, office and occupation than any regular employee, and notices when people are absent for prolongued periods. Like us, she feels proud of the standing of our institutes in the world.

This recent picture shows her taking her regular break outside, enjoying a quiet cigarette with anyone who would join her. With her characteristic voice, she was always ready to discuss the complexities (and occasional hardships) of keeping our working environment clean and happy.

Thank you, Henny, and goodbye. We will really miss you.
Copyright: Roelie
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