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POLFAR subrack assembly and testing

Submitter: Menno Norden
Description: At beginning of June we started the LOFAR subrack assembly, flashing and testing in Westerbork. This time, we had to program all Remote Station Processing boards (RSP:78) and Transient Buffer Boards (TBB:38) ourselves. The latest firmware and CPLD code was flashed into the FPGA memories.

For POLFAR, we assembled and tested 18 subracks in total. In parallel we are also preparing three ILT containers for the Polish LOFAR stations at Baldy, Borowiec and Lazy. The plan is to ship the first container at the end of this month. It is an intensive, but also an exciting period, and only made possible by the dedication and effort of the POLFAR team members, the DESP and TSG groups, and our external contractor Germon Offereins.
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