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Hunting for the Black Hole: workshop on mm-VLBI

Submitter: Ilse van Bemmel & Des Small
Description: In the week of June 8 a group of mm-VLBI experts got together for a workshop on data processing and simulations for mm-VLBI, in the Snellius building of the Lorentz Center in Leiden, organized in collaboration between JIVE, Nijmegen University and MIT Haystack.

The participants traveled from all over the world to talk about calibration, fringe finding, sparse imaging algorithms, and many more essential topics. Any effect that occurs between the source and the astronomer has to be understood in intricate detail to study the physics of mm-VLBI radio sources. This made instrument simulations a crucial topic of the workshop.

The official programme consisted of short talks, discussion session and interactive tutorials. The fabulous infrastructure of the room encouraged an unofficial programme of informal and wide-ranging information exchange.

The workshop ended with a discussion of future work. The participants unanimously declared that it is essential for the field of mm-VLBI to have a coherent organizational structure in place to disseminate the (currently rather fragmented and very globally distributed) knowledge of best practices in this field, and to work towards opening the field up for non-experts.

The workshop programme and talks are accessible on the workshop website.
Copyright: JIVE, IMAPP, MIT
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