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Children used the LOFAR telescope to generate their first astronomical image.

Submitter: Nicolas Vilchez
Description: On 7-15 August, the 25th Astronomy festival took place at Fleurence (France). Part of the festival was the 10th Astrojeunes festival for young people between 3 and 18 years old.

Since two years, Astron is a partner in this event. This year, the LOFAR ovservatory provided time and facilities to allow children up to 12 years old to generate their first astronomical image. After observing NGC6251 on wednesday morning, the children processed the data themselves in the afternoon. Each received a certificate to remember this event (see picture).

The experience was a great success. The children were very enthousiatic to discover the actual duties of an astronomer. In addition, the discovery of using Linux was also very new to them.

Astrojeunes would like to thank ASTRON and the LOFAR observatory again for their support and gifts to the children.
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