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Waveguide for Chalmers University of Technology

Submitter: Johan Pragt, Menno Schuil
Description: A pretty picture of some tiny parts produced by the big milling machine at ASTRON.

The NOVA team recently produced 4 special parts for Chalmers University in Gothenburg (Sweden). They are aluminium waveguides, and a proof-of-concept of an RF transmission unit with integrated electronic chip. It is a step towards an ultra low-loss mm-wave antenna system.

It took a few iterations to make the design suitable for machining. Parts like this have been produced before, but not this small. Ours consist of 24 tiny pillars of 0.4 mm wide, a gap of 0.6 mm, and 1 mm height.

We could just produce this in the classical way, with a small needle-like milling tool. For even smaller pillars we might have to switch to our 90.000 rpm spindle.

Chalmers started the integration of the parts with a small chip in the centre of the pillar structure. The next step will be to test the performance of the whole setup. Watch this space.
Copyright: Chalmers University of Technology, NOVA, ASTRON
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