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First MSSS paper and data available online!

Submitter: George Heald
Description: The Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey (MSSS) is LOFAR's first large-area imaging survey. A great deal of effort has gone into characterizing the survey performance and checking the quality of the resulting data products. Much of that work has been done using data from a 100-square-degree region of sky dubbed the MSSS Verification Field (MVF). That effort has now been described and made available to the astronomical community through the publication of the first MSSS paper, which is available here and has been accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Ultimately, all of the MSSS data will be made publicly available and we have started that process by releasing the MVF data through ASTRON's Virtual Observatory compliant data server, which is located here.

Today's image illustrates the LOFAR sky in the MVF region, through a combination of the 16 images covering the huge frequency range (30-160 MHz) covered by MSSS. Different colors are used for the various frequencies; reddish colors are from the lowest frequencies, and bluish colors are from the highest frequencies.
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