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AG to the Efteling

Submitter: Gemma Janssen
Description: On Tuesday 8 September the Astronomy Group travelled south for a long-awaited group outing. After a voting process to define our plans, The Efteling was chosen. This amusement park near Kaatsheuvel is the largest one in The Netherlands and known for its variety: from thrill-rides to easy-going themed rides and a fairy-tale enchanted forest.

"Pride comes before the fall"
One of the favourite rides of the day for the thrill-seekers was the "Baron 1898", a spectacular new rollercoaster based on the story of a gold mine where the owner was too greedy. He promised the workers lots of gold but didn't count on the witte wieven that protect the mine. After a couple of seconds of suspense hanging from the top, the miners experience the 37-meter free fall followed by Immelmann and Zero-G roll loopings. The movies show this ride is definitely not for the weak-hearted:
video showing Joeri, Jeremy, Anne, Betsey and Kelley (front row from the left);
video showing Sarrvesh, Cees, Klim and Nina (front row from the right).

Water waves
The weather was quite nice in Kaatsheuvel, and when the sun started shining some of us decided to take the risk in the Wild-water-ride Pirana. Several of us got splashed big time, to great amusement of those on the other side of the boat... and then the next wave came.

Flying Dutchman
Another of the favourite rides was the "Flying Dutchman" based on the story of a stubborn Dutch VOC captain that sailed on Easter, with no fear and despite a heavy storm. From that moment the ship was damned and had to sail until the end of time as a ghost ship.

A small part of the group left the thrill-seekers to their adventures and enjoyed the other beautiful side of this park: various exposures of well-known fairytales in het Sprookjesbos, embedded in a well-kept natural park environment.

All in all everyone had a great day, and we are looking forward to continuing the reinstated tradition of a yearly AG-outing!
Copyright: Cees Bassa, Kelley Hess, Marjan Tibbe, Vanessa Moss, Gemma Janssen
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