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WSRT steering and power distribution upgrade

Submitter: Jan-Pieter de Reijer
Description: After many successful years of MFFE-IVC-DZB observations, we were given the opportunity for a thorough upgrade. For the coming era of APERTIF and VLBI observations, all 14 telescopes have been modified, extensively.

All coax and power cables have been replaced. The new APERTIF antenna uses 121 coax cables to the container. The old PVC power cables had become brittle and porous, and have been replaced. The telescope steering electronics of all 14 RTs (uP, frequency converter, relays, encoders) have been modified. Design, testing and software all by Pieter Donker (as was the 1996 version). Power distribution and 3kV transformers for 9AB and CD have been revised. All 14 telescopes now have a 144 fiber cable to the building, for data, control and monitoring.

Jan-Pieter de Reijer
Pieter Donker
Peter Gruppen
Lute van de Bult
Cottus: Jack, Arie, Jeroen, Richard, Kevin
Copyright: ASTRON
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