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Sorama visiting Astron

Submitter: Floris Driessen
Description: Sorama will be visiting ASTRON today. For a brief introduction of Sorama see this previous Daily Image. Current topics within Sorama are:

Smart City Audio Sensing
Sorama′s latest developments in smart-city applications include the new Beamforming 64-channel microphone-arrays Listener64. The new array boasts the state of the art Xilinx Zynq platform which includes an FPGA with an integrated dual-core ARM processor. The first stage in the audio processing, the decimation of the sigma-delta signals, is performed in the FPGA. The resulting audio signals are transferred over a single gigabit-Ethernet connection, using custom software running in the on-board Linux environment. Multiple Listener64′s can be coupled together using Ethernet synchronisation protocols such as NTP (Network Time Protocol) for millisecond synchronisation accuracy, or even PTP (Precision Time Protocol) for sample-level synchronisation accuracy. This highly accurate synchronisation between the microphone-arrays, allow for the construction of arbitrarily sized beamforming arrays.

Sorama at Eindhoven light festival GLOW2015
Two years ago, Sorama and the TU Eindhoven teamed up to develop one of the most popular attractions at an alternative route of the Eindhoven light festival. Waves, is how this piece of light art is called, is an interactive visualisation of the sound produced by visitors who walk through the setup. This piece of light art has returned from an international tour to Eindhoven for GLOW2015. Whistle, clap, shout and sing and see how the sounds you produce, create different patterns.
Sorama at GLOW2015

The CAM64
The Sorama Cam64 is the first affordable sound measurement instrument with an astonishing 64 channels. It uses the microphone which are also integrated in high-end smartphones.
Compared to a regular Sound Level meter the 64 channels improve the Signal to Noise ratio and allow to localise sound sources in 3D. With this device it is possible to see the spectrum with an incredible accuracy.
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