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ASTRON/JIVE Open Day great success!

Submitter: Roy van der Werp
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ASTRON/JIVE Open Day great success!
Now everything is finally behind us, we have had some time to look back at the ASTRON/ JIVE open day.

On 4 October everyone was welcome at ASTRON & JIVE to take a closer look into radio astronomy and all related organisations and projects and learn a great deal. From 12.00h till 17.00h many employees of ASTRON, JIVE and NOVA helped explain the wonders of the world of radio astronomy and what JIVE, NOVA and ASTRON do.

An astonishing, close to, 3000 people visited the ASTRON/JIVE Open Day, with lots of activities for the kids as well as interesting information for adults. An action-packed day with fun experiments like making your own exploded star, shooting a rocket in the sky and coding a Minecraft figure. Lectures were given on various topics. All over the building and outside, demonstrations took place. NOVA, JIVE and DOME set up booths to provide information and demonstrations. Huge tents provided a place for the crafting workshops. Kids made their own supercool aliens and pulsars or they soldered a computer board. The winners of the make your own alien competition have been announced. You can check it here: http://www.astron.nl/winnaars-maak-een-alien-bekend (Dutch).

The shows consisted of a Teslacoil, the comets show, the JIVE correlator tour and the photonics lab. The projects Dome and SKA were also present at the open day. In short: too much to mention. Next time just drop by and see for yourself.

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