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Today's Colloquium: A Multi-Wavelength View of Nearby Galaxies

Submitter: Liese van Zee
Description: I will present the results of several recent studies investigating the gaseous and stellar distributions of nearby galaxies, utilizing observations obtained from the ultraviolet to the radio. The primary focus of my talk will be results from the Extended Disk Galaxy Exploration Science (EDGES) Survey, a deep imaging survey with the Spitzer Space Telescope that was designed to identify and measure the faint stellar populations around nearby galaxies.

In addition to the exquisite deep near-infrared data set, we have obtained complementary optical, ultraviolet, and radio observations of various sub-sets of the EDGES sample in order to explore the growth and stability of nearby galaxies.

I will highlight the results of these studies and discuss the implications for the formation and evolution of structure in a hierarchical universe.
Copyright: Liese van Zee
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