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First 2 Gbit/s e-EVN fringes

Submitter: Mark Kettenis
Description: For the last few years, the standard observation bandwidth of the European VLBI Network has been 1 Gbit/s. Work has been ongoing to upgrade this bandwidth to improve the sensitivity of the array. Recently the first 2 Gbit/s user experiment has been observed. This experiment was recorded on disk for later correlation here at JIVE, but we're also working hard on making this bandwidth available for e-VLBI.

As part of this effort we did our first "live" e-VLBI test at this doubled data-rate with participation of telescopes from Sweden (Onsala), Germany (Effelsberg), Italy (Medicina), Spain (Yebes) and South-Africa (Hartebeesthoek).

In order to achieve this the DBBC digital backend is connected to a piece of equipment called FILA10G developed by Gino Tuccari and his groups at MPIfR (Germany) and INAF (Italy). This FILA10G hardware reformats and packetizes the data and sends it out over its 10GbE network interface directly onto the Internet to JIVE. There the data is fed into the SFXC software correlator, which runs on a 400-core computer cluster which processes the data in real-time. Results are available immediately as shown by the "fringes" in today's image that indicate that we indeed detected the observed source.

JIVE would like to thank everybody involved in this test.
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