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Software Architecture Course at ASTRON

Submitter: Arno Schoenmakers
Description: Architecture is the art of translating ideas in the heads of people into a detailed model of a structure, which can then be realized in the real world. As in building and in electronic hardware, also in software architecture is a necessary step, especially when large complicated systems need to be set up in a consistent and well-defined manner. Without a decent architecture, our software ''buildings'' will not be robust, scalable, extensible or whatever other property is necessary for the system. Still, software architecture is a relatively young art, starting to be properly formulated only in the 1990's, and therefore it has much less historical knowledge and practices to build upon.

To learn the process of creating a decent architecture, a four-day course was organized at ASTRON between 21 and 24 September 2015. The course, given by Dana Bredemeyer of Bredemeyer Consulting, was attended by a small group of ASTRON people from the R&D and RO departments, and by people from external parties such as ASML, TomTom, Elekta, NXP and the eScience Centre. This made an interesting mix of knowledge, experiences, and backgrounds that became clearly visible during the many exercises that were thrown at us during the course. The growing amount of paper hanging on the wall is a clear demonstration of the enthusiasm with which these exercises were conducted.

In the breaks, the opportunity was taken to show some of ASTRON's highlights to our visitors and make nice walks through the woods and along the moor. Our visitors were highly impressed by ASTRONs technical skills and our unique location.
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