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Today's colloquium: Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe

Submitter: Erik Verlinde
Description: At present we are witnessing a revolution in theoretical physics leading to a completely new view on space-time and gravity. Studies in string theory and black hole physics reveal a deep connection between space-time and gravity and key concepts of quantum information theory. Gravity appears as a consequence of an quantum-analogue of the first law of thermodynamics. This new view on gravity and space-time has particularly important implications for cosmology. I will argue that the positive dark energy of our universe carries an entropy density, which lead to a modification of the gravity equations compared to general relativity. At large scales there appears an additional “dark elastic force”, whose magnitude can be computed and quantitatively explains the observed phenomena currently attributed to dark matter. The main emphasis is on explaining galaxy rotation curves, but there is also good agreement with the data at cluster and cosmological scales.
Copyright: Erik Verlinde
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