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The International LOFAR Telescope family has been extended!

Submitter: Rob van der Meer
Description: The International LOFAR Telescope has been officially extended to the East! On Wednesday 9 December 2015 the ILT board admitted POLFAR, the Polish LOFAR Consortium, as a new member. Three LOFAR stations have been built in 2015, at Baldy near Olzstyn in the North, at Borowiec near Poznan in the West, and at Lazy near Krakow in the South. They will become fully operational in early 2016, along with the Polish node in Poznan for the LOFAR long term archive.

The chair of the ILT board, Heino Falcke, and the POLFAR representative, Andrzej Krankowski, signed the participation certificate, after which there was time to celebrate the extension of the ILT to the east. The picture shows, from left to right, Huub Roettgering (NL-LAC), Marcus Brueggen (GLOW), Philip Best (LOFAR-UK), John Conway (LOFAR-Sweden), Heino Falcke (NL-LAC, Chair), Andrzej Krankowski (POLFAR), Rene Vermeulen (ILT Director), Hanna Rothkaehl (representing Borowiec station), Peter Gallagher (observer from I-LOFAR), Michel Tagger (FLOW), and Michael Garrett (ASTRON).

This significant expansion will tightly connect the diverse and experienced Polish community into the wider LOFAR family. Meanwhile, the Irish consortium I-LOFAR is hoping for its turn to build a LOFAR station, extending the ILT to the West and thereby qualifying to become the next member.
Copyright: Marjan Tibbe
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