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'Audio' meets 'Ultra-Mega-High Hertz'

Submitter: Erik van der Wal
Description: For some of their modules, the Netherlands Space Research Organisation (SRON) decided to take the frequency down a tiny notch to 'more decent' frequencies. So, in the past year, there has been some exchange of knowledge between our groups. In addition, SRON used the facilities in our lab to measure their designs.

Based on the knowledge gained, some more modules were designed, and passed all initial tests. To see the hardware in action, the Radio Group of Astron paid a visit to SRON in Groningen on Nov 30th. Unfortunately, the cryostat in which these modules are used was closed just a few days before our visit. Nevertheless, during a lab tour lots of impressive hardware was shown.

Specially to meet us, also some guys from SRON Utrecht came over. Several presentations had been prepared. There was great interaction between our groups, both during the presentations as during discussions on the lab-tour.

When leaving they also thanked us for coming, lets hope it was not just for the banketstaaf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banket_%28food%29) we brought along.
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