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RF cabling APERTIF-6

Submitter: Raymond van den Brink
Description: Many hands make light work! In december 2015 many hands of the APERTIF team went to Westerbork to install RF-cables for the hardware of six of the twelve APERTIF dishes.

With these cables the PAF FrontEnd is connected through a patch panel in the container to the DCUs, ADU and LOG. Since APERTIF-6 means six FrontEnds, six, containers, six patchpanel, hundred ninety two DCUs, fourty eight ADUs and twelve LOG systems that is a lot of cabling and a lot of connectors.

Together with, Sjouke Kuindersma, Eim Mulder, Sieds Damsta, Lute van de Bult, Martijn Brenthouwer, Lesley Goudbeek, Mark Ruiter and Raymond van den Brink it took us two days to install all RF cables.
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