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Submitter: R.H. van den Brink
Description: Another nice piece of hardware ready for APERTIF-12. the picture shows 24 Powercards for 24 DCUs (Down Convertor Units http://www.astron.nl/dailyimage/main.php?date=20160125 ) for the second rollout phase of APERTIF, nicely put together by Eim Mulder.

Whilst the first part of hardware is being tested, APERTIF is already preparing for the second building phase.

*APERTIF-12 is the second part of the APERTIF project which is divided into two delivery phases. In the first phase (APERTIF-6) six dishes are implemented with the single polarized version of the APERTIF system. In the second phase (APERTIF-12) another six dished will be implemented with the APERTIF system, and all twelve dishes are upgraded to a dual polarized system.
Copyright: E.Mulder
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