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LOFAR Science Highlights

Submitter: Richard Fallows
Description: With the LOFAR telescope now into its fifth cycle of regular operations and examples of the amazing science being done with it becoming more numerous in the published literature, it is time that these achievements were celebrated more publicly on ASTRON's website.

Examples of these achievements have now been gathered together in a single "LOFAR Science Highlights" page which can be found on the ASTRON website at:


All the images can be downloaded for use in presentations (with the appropriate image credits of course!). The page also links to a separate item where general presentations about LOFAR and selected science highlights can also be found.

This page is not meant to be exhaustive, but we hope to keep it up-to-date as more results are published. Anyone with a result that they would like to see highlighted on this page is of course very welcome to email an appropriate image and brief explanatory caption to sciencesupport@astron.nl.
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